My Ergo and I have helped Dek nap all over the world

Favorite baby gear:

ERGObaby Black Sport carrier– I can’t leave home without this. Many a nap has been taken in this carrier, along with many an urban and mountainous trek.

BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light– I do not own this but I would love to. We borrowed it from a friend for our trip to China and it was perfect. Plus the airline considered it a child item like a car seat so we didn’t have to pay to check it.

Take & Toss Sippy Cups– A friend of mine insisted I register for this when I was pregnant. I use the items from this set everyday. Even better, it’s so cheap I never worry about leaving it in restaurants, friend’s houses or foreign countries.

On the Go Booster Feeding Seat– I keep this in my car in case we go to a restaurant and they either don’t have or run out of high chairs.

Marsona TSCi-330 White Noise Travel Sound Conditioner for both USA and International Use- This is a great compact noise machine. It’s wonderful if you will be staying in several different hotels because it keeps something constant for your child (and for you!).

Favorite mommy gear:

Amazon Kindle– this saves a few pounds in our suitcase each trip. Now I have more room for shoes!

Kindle Fire– if you are looking for a more interactive, color tablet that allows you to access the web, this is the tablet for you. Lightweight and half the cost of an iPad, yet it does many of the same things. Plus you have access to the Amazon Cloud for all your storage needs.

Skype– not so much gear as software. This is a free program that lets you video chat with people all over the world. This has come in handy as I whisk my son around the world and his nervous grandparents anxiously wait to see that he is still in one piece.

Top Travel Apps for iPhone:

Oanda Currency Converter- another software tool I have come to rely on. This can be downloaded to your phone or you can use your laptop to do quick currency conversion.

Goby– an app that helps me figure out what is going on wherever I want to roam about domestically. Better yet, it also is a web site, so even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can still use it. It is great for figuring out a morning adventure or what is close by a new place we are traveling to. Another new app out there is TripDoc, developed by DeliciousBaby. I’m playing around with this app as she develops it more.

SkyView– I downloaded this app when I was in New Hampshire. There were so many stars! This app uses your camera to show you where specific stars and constellations are in the sky. Just point it in a direction and it will tell you what you are looking at.

Hipstamatic– This is one of the few apps I have bought. The fun little camera function mimics film and lenses of older generation cameras. For only $1.99 it was worth the cost. Check out some of the fun photos you can take here.

For more of apps I love check out Favorite Travel Apps.

Note: I have not been paid to endorse any product on this site. These are simply items I have learned work when we are on the road.

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