Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers Hong Kong- Review

Our little room

As you pull up to the Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers in Hong Kong, you are instantly impressed by the amazing harbor views and large lobby. After that it’s a little downhill.

View of Canton Road from our room

Location   The hotel is situated on Canton Road, which is right in the heart of Hong Kong’s designer shopping, directly above the China Ferry and within walking distance of the Metro and Star Ferry terminal. Our room looked over Kowloon Park and right down onto Canton Road. You can access Kowloon Park by a walkway that stretches across the street. This is also a nice shortcut to the MTR station. The City Super grocery store is only about 3 blocks away, which was very handy for grabbing milk and dinner after a long day.

Hotel Room   The room itself was very small. I got creative with the baby bed location so I could still do some work at night and not disturb Dek. We were at the end of the hallway, which was very nice since we were far away from the elevator. We had been upgraded to a premier room, which meant our room was on a higher floor, but it didn’t mean the room was bigger. Since we were the last room on the floor, I only had to worry about Dek’s crying disturbing one room instead of two and we were high enough that the street noise could easily be drowned out by my sound machine. There were some stains on the floor and the usual hotel wear and tear could be seen as well.

The bed was more comfy than others in China

The Bed   Although not the softest bed in the world, it was definitely not as firm as other mattresses I had slept on in China and Hong Kong. There were also two extra pillows in the closet, both of different firmness, so you could have your choice of what you like.

The bathroom

Bathroom   The bathroom did have a shower/tub combo. This was a treat for Dek since he had been taking showers for the past week and a half, and really missed splashing around. The shower tiles were showing quite a bit of wear and the bathroom fan had a wire sticking out of the side, which was a bit worrisome. There is a bath mat for the tub that we definitely used. It got pretty slippery in there.

Air Conditioning   There was something very strange going on with our air conditioning. The entire 11th floor seemed to be cooler than it was outside, but the humidity levels were still very high. The same went with our room. I would turn the a/c down to 22c, but it was still really humid. It took 2 days for a baby shirt to dry that I had washed, and everything always felt slightly damp.

Baby Proofing   There was a lot of stuff in the room that needed to be moved. Items from the minibar, a hot water maker, knives and forks on the plates and teacups. All had to be put out of reach of my curious man’s little hands, but there weren’t many places to put them. Dek figured out how to open up the fridge compartment within 5 minutes. Electrical sockets were OK, but Dek usually leaves them alone at home too.

Breakfast at the Cafe on Park in the hotel

Breakfast at the Cafe on Park   The breakfast buffet was good. For HK$110 you got a wide selection of fruits, breads, hot cakes, eggs, bacon, cereal, salad and a number of Chinese dishes. Coffee and tea were refilled regularly. I also did not have to pay for Dek to eat, even though he was obviously trying to eat his weight in watermelon. Other good baby offerings were tater tots, which they called hash browns, yogurt, milk and rolls, eggs cooked anyway you like and sausage.

Overall Review   On the whole, this hotel was OK, especially for the price (under US$150 a night, which is good for Hong Kong), but I don’t think we will stay here again. The a/c was a big problem. I have stayed in smaller hotels, with bigger rooms, at the same price and been more comfortable.

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