Bags and Bags of Goldfish

Hundreds of bags of goldfish line the street of the Goldfish Market

The day after we returned from Shenzhen, I decided to bring Dek up to the Goldfish Market. He loves fish, and I knew this would be a treat for him. It was about time we did some kid-friendly stuff.

We took the MTR up to Prince Edward Station in Mong Kok, and happily, there were signs pointing us in the correct direction. I saw a shop or two with some goldfish in bags, but I didn’t see a street market set up with buckets and buckets of fish swimming around. That’s what we had come to see, and I was not going to be distracted.

Orchids line the Flower Market in Mong Kok (Hong Kong)

I strolled up another street, found an outdoor market selling everything from curtains to durian to local fashions, but no big market of goldfish. In the process of me trying to find the darn Goldfish Market, I did stumble upon the Flower Market, which according to my map, should have been a bit farther away.

This was not an open air market of flower vendors like I had expected. Apparently my brain is back in Europe somewhere. This was mainly a street, or rather 2 streets of flower shops with plants outside and the ability to make you a bouquet inside. All were stunning, but sadly, customs would not have allowed me to bring any of the tiny bonsai or orchids back to the States.

Browsing the fish selection

From this wander, I had finally caught onto how the markets are actually set up. I had already noticed in China that the same type of shops seemed to gather on the same street, and this area was no different.

I back tracked, and finally found the name of the street the Goldfish Market was supposed to be on (Tung Choi Street) and started to notice that the both sides of the street were lined with shops sporting tiny bags clipped to walls with one fish in each bag. There were also stores dedicated entirely to aquarium set ups and a few with other aquatic pets such as turtles, frogs and even a few lizards.

Store fronts at the Goldfish Market

It was a bit mesmerizing to see hundreds of fish in tiny bags on display. I did feel a little sorry for the fish because it was so hot outside. Wasn’t their water boiling? Fish were selling from around $15 Hong Kong dollars up to about HK$98. People seemed to be buying too, and for about US$2 for some rather fancy fish, no wonder. These weren’t just fancy goldfish either. There were a variety of other tropical fish on display too.

Dek was delighted and this was just the distraction I had needed on our first day back in Hong Kong. We didn’t buy anything, but we had fun pointing at all of the varieties and dreaming of our own aquarium full of fish one day. I might have to get rid of the cat first though.

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